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Creativity Shack

...let your creativity flow...

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Updated November 1st, 2003: I've decided to expand this to ALL art forms - photography, poetry, music, anything that can be considered art.

Note with the photography - nudity IS allowed, but make it tasteful. No PORN. However, if it's artsy, I'll allow it. If you're not sure, contact me and I'll look at it and give you the go ahead (or not) to post.

Welcome to the community known as Creativity Shack! :) All are welcome, be you an artists, a critic, or just a fan of art.

THIS IS A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. There will be no 'bashing' or hurtful comments. However, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is allowed. If you can't take criticism of any kind, this isn't the community for you. If you don't mind hearing ways you can improve, welcome, welcome.

Posting is simple. Just upload your image somewhere (I've found that weBLOG Images is a good place to upload images to. If you have your own server, all the better. :D After uploaded, simple make an LJ-cut and POST.

You don't have to, but it'd be nice if you'd include what you used to do it, perhaps some commentary of your own.

One rule I'd like to keep to is please post at least once a week. You don't have to draw or anything, just make a post.

All art is welcome, so join and post away!