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Woo. Okay. :D Yeh! I have two pictures! Woohoo. :) Here ya goes. :D

I don't know where she came from. The right hand looks scary. ;_; Yeh. I can't draw hands. I'm rather proud of the shoes, as I actually looked at a pair of my Chuck's to draw them! I turned them the way I needed them, stuffed them so it'd look like a foot was in there, man, I just did good on the right shoe, no less. I don't know. I'm proud. ^__^; Anyone got tips on how to fix bad hands? Haha.

EDIT: Wow. I just noticed I forgot to colour her eye. O_O;

Yes. Just read that message. I've already kind of decided that I'm gonna finish it BEFORE my surgery, but date it and give it to my surgeon AFTER my surgery (does that make me bad, that I'm cheating the date a bit?) as a kind of thanks. I kind of modeled it after me. When I colour, it'll be my hair colour (even the blonde streak and dark brown roots!!!) and my eye colour. Yeh. :D

The feet look bad. I actually changed the picture alot. It was an entirely different image completely. Pose was the same, but everything else was different. I changed it all. I was bored in German. ^_^; That's why it looks so bad, dark, and pencily (well, it is still pencil). I hope to get a good eraser soon to really erase it all.

O_O; Anyway. :D Comment away. Please tell me what I need to improve or how to improve it. :D

(PS - The text on the one [I don't think my hand writing is that bad, but just in case] says: "See, this will be me after my surgery! ^_^ Man. I love this Pixia program. Thanks, Sirose. ^_^;" [Sorry I ran out of room for your name Sirose. ^_____^;;;])
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