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It's about time I posted something in my own community. Just a random drawing I did in class one day...

I drew that in school last Thursday (the 30th). I'm not sure what was going through my head. I believe that's the day we talked about hurting yourself as a way of getting rid of guilt and what not in English. Everyone said that John (a character in Brave New World who whipped himself to rid himself of guilt and to punish himself) was a sick freak and it was just wrong. I think it hit just a little too close to home. I felt that they were somehow calling ME a freak and a weirdo and what not. Anyway. Drawn with a normal mechanical number 2 pencil, outlined with a Uniball pen (Uniball always sounded so wrong to me), drawn on notebook paper. The 'poetry', if you wish to call it that, is mine. Uh...yep. *nod*nod*
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